GST No. 07AAECN7759E1Z7
National Highways & Infrastructure Development Corporation Ltd.
Ministry of Road Transport & Highways, Government of India

Corporate Office

NHIDCL Corporate Office

* As on 23-12-2022

NHIDCL Corporate Office Address

3rd Floor, PTI Building,
4-Parliament Street,
New Delhi – 110001
Contact No : 011-23461600
Fax No : 011-23711103
Email Address : info[at]nhidcl[dot]com

Control Room Contact Details

Mobile No : 9205949400
Landline No : 011-23461600

Corporate Office Contact Details

S.No. Name (Shri/ Smt.) Designation Office Telephone No. Contact No. Email ID Office Location

Managing Director

1 Chanchal Kumar  Managing Director 011-23461603 md[at]nhidcl[dot]com Corporate Office
2 Ramesh Kumar Pahuja  Private Secretary
(To MD)
011-23461603, 43594147 ramesh[dot]pahuja[at]nic[dot]in Corporate Office
3 Ashish Gupta Deputy General Manager(T) 011-23461610 ashish[dot]g19[at]gov[dot]in Corporate Office(T)

Director (Admin. and Finance)

4 Anshu Manish Khalkho  Director
(Admin & Finance)
011-23461604 dir[at]nhidcl[dot]com Corporate Office
5 Kishan Swarup Sharma Private Secretary
to Director A&F
011-23461604 Corporate Office

Director (Tech.)

6 Atul Kumar  Director (Technical) 011-23461694 technicaldirector[at]nhidcl[dot]com Corporate Office
7 Lekh Raj Singh Private Secretary
to Director (Tech.)
011-23461694 singh[dot]lekhraj[at]gov[dot]in Corporate Office

Executive Director

8 Rajendra Singh Yadav  Executive Director  011-23461619 rajendrasingh[dot]y[at]nhidcl[dot]com Corporate Office
9  W. Blah  Executive Director 011-23461611 ed5[at]nhidcl[dot]com Corporate Office
10 Riten Kumar Singh  Executive Director 011-23461614 kumar[dot]riten71[at]gov[dot]in Corporate Office
11 Trivendra Kumar  Executive Director 011-23461647 trivendra[dot]kumar[at]nhidcl[dot]com Corporate Office
12 Manmohan Singh Deol  Executive Director mohan[dot]sd[at]gov[dot]in Corporate Office

Chief Vigilance Officer

13 Ramavatar Meena Deputy Secretary 011-23314317 cvo[dot]nhidcl-morth[at]gov[dot]in Corporate Office

General Manager

14 Sanjay Kumar  General Manager (HR) 011-23461615 sanjaykumar[dot]2030[at]gov[dot]in Corporate Office(HR)
15 Arun Kumar Jain  General Manager (Fin.) 011-23461618 gm-fin[at]nhidcl[dot]com Corporate Office(Fin.)
16 Ramawtar Yadav Consultant (Legal) 011-23461612 r[dot]yadav1961[at]gov[dot]in Corporate Office (Legal)
17 Ashok Kumar Jha  General Manager (T) 011-23461654 ak[dot]jha196[at]nic[dot]in Corporate Office( Nagaland)
18 Abhijit Kulkarni  General Manager (IT) 011-23461656 abhijitkulka[dot]385n[at]gov[dot]in Corporate Office(IT, Parliament Question, Skill Development, Land Aquisition, Coord. )
19  B Shivprasad  General Manager (T) 011-23461674 shivprasad[dot]152p[at]gov[dot]in Corporate Office(Kashmir, Ladakh and Tunnel Projects )
20 Udaya Singh  General Manager (T) 011-23461696 udaya[dot]singh62[at]nhidcl[dot]com Corporate Office(Mizoram)
21 Ashutosh Mishra  General Manager (T) 011-23461633 mishra[dot]ashutosh[at]nhidcl[dot]com Corporate Office( Meghalaya)
22 Prabodh Kumar Sharma  General Manager (T) prabodh[dot]s[at]nhidcl[dot]com Corporate Office(Tripura)
23 Surendra Yadav  General Manager (T) surendra[dot]yadav1962[at]nhidcl[dot]com Corporate Office(Arunachal Pradesh)

Deputy General Manager

24 Rajendra Singh Deputy General Manager(T) 011-23461616 rajendra[dot]singh[at]nhidcl[dot]com Corporate Office (Control Room, PMIS & Monitoring )
25 Krishna Chaitanya Bhatt Deputy General Manager(T) 011-23461626 dgmt1[at]nhidcl[dot]com,
Corporate Office (Assam)
26 S.P Sanwal Deputy General Manager (Admin) 011-23461636 dgmadmin[at]nhidcl[dot]com Corporate Office(Admin.)
27 Mahesh Gupta Deputy General Manager (Finance)  011-23461689  dgm[dot]fin[at]nhidcl[dot]com Corporate Office(Finance)
28 Vivekanand Jaiswal Deputy General    Manager(T) 011-23461651 vivekanand[dot]j[at]gov[dot]in Corporate Office( Uttarakhand, Sikkim, West Bengal)
29 Devender Kumar Deputy General    Manager(T) 011-23461620 devender[dot]kumar91[at]gov[dot]in Corporate Office(Andaman & Nicobar Island, Jammu)
30 S. Ramakrishnan Deputy General Manager (HR) 011-23461623 s[dot]ramakrishan[at]meity[dot]gov[dot]in Corporate Office(HR)
31 Krishna Kumar Sharma Deputy General Manager (Legal) 011-23461640 kksharma[dot]dle[at]nic[dot]in Corporate Office
32 Gurram Praharaju Deputy General Manager (HR/Admin) 011-23461686 gurram[dot]praharaju[at]nhidcl[dot]com Corporate Office
33 Bashir Ahmad War Deputy General Manager (T) 011-23461643 bashir[dot]aw[at]nhidcl[dot]com Corporate Office
34 Jitendra Kr Mishra Deputy General Manager (T) 011-23461622 jitendrakr[dot]mishra[at]nhidcl[dot]com Corporate Office
35 Pankaj Kumar Sharma Deputy General Manager (T) 011-23461617 pankaj[dot]sharma62[at]nhidcl[dot]com Corporate Office
36 Rajpal Singh Deputy General Manager (T) rajpal[dot]singh1962[at]nhidcl[dot]com Corporate Office(Manipur)


37 Bhaskar Mallick Manager (Fin.) 011-23461635 mallick[dot]bhaskar65[at]nhidcl[dot]com Corporate Office(Fin.)
38 Keshav Narayan Choudhary Manager (HR/Admn.) 011-23461630  knchoudhary[dot]icar[at]nic[dot]in Corporate Office(HR/Admn.)
39 Ms. Yukti Arora Company Secretary 011-23461665 yukti[dot]arora[at]nhidcl[dot]com Corporate Office
40 Ranjeet Kumar Jha Manager (Admin.) 011-23461658  ranjeetjha[dot]19[at]gov[dot]in Corporate Office(Admin)

Deputy Manager

41  Keshav Dev Deputy Manager (Finance) 011-23461663 astmgrfin[at]nhidcl[dot]com,
Corporate Office (Finance)
42  Paritosh Nigam Deputy Manager (Rajbhasha) 011-23461638 dymgrrajbhasha[at]nhidcl[dot]com,
Corporate Office(Rajbhasha)
43  Alok Nath Deputy Manager(HR)
 alok[dot]nath19[at]gov[dot]in Corporate Office(HR)
44  Ashok Kumar Deputy Manager(HR) 011-23461671 Corporate Office

Assistant Manager

45 Devendra Pratap Singh  Assistant Manager(HR) 011-23461690 devendra[dot]ps[at]nhidcl[dot]com Corporate Office
46 Amit Mandal  Assistant Manager(HR) 011-23461671 a[dot]mandal[at]nhidcl[dot]com Corporate Office
47 Satish Chandra Jha  Assistant Manager(HR) satish[dot]jha[at]nic[dot]in Corporate Office