India, on the Highway of Progress

I am proud that NHIDCL has been able to move at a very fast pace and establish itself within a short span of eight months. I am happy that during the first year of its inception itself, this Corporation has been able to award 18 projects covering 600 kms. at an estimated cost of Rs. 8492 crore . I am confident that during the current year, NHIDCL will be able to achieve the target of awarding civil works covering 1360 kms. at an estimated total cost of Rs. 14599 crore. Through NHIDCL, our Government wants to bring a paradigm shift in development of infrastructure in the North Eastern Region and Strategic Areas. I am sure, development of new infrastructure in the North Eastern Region and Strategic Areas will set up a new pace, structure and pattern of economic growth in the country through connect and inter-connect.

I wish NHIDCL the very best in its endeavours to support and sustain India’s prosperity.


I am happy to note that NHIDCL, which has been given a mandate to develop a network of National Highways and related infrastructure in the North East and Strategic Areas has already become an instrument for creation and management of infrastructure in the country. Through this Corporation, we envisage to prepare India for long-term economic growth particularly by creating infrastructure in the difficult border and North_East areas of the country. The Government has already identified over 10,000 kms. of new roads and highways for construction through NHIDCL to foster regional connectivity, integrate peripheral areas into the mainstream and also promote cross-border trade and commerce.

I am sure NHIDCL will be able create infrastructure in the North Eastern Region and Strategic areas at a rapid pace by adopting efficient procedures, processes and appropriate technologies.

I would take this opportunity to wish NHIDCL all the very best.


I am happy that NHIDCL has been able to establish itself on the infrastructure map of the country within a short period, following the principles of efficiency and transparency. The company is on its way to become one of the leaders in infrastructure sector using e-tools; making procedures and processes efficient; undertaking continuous capacity building of staff and stakeholders; using new & appropriate technologies; creating scientific and innovative temper; setting up speedy dispute resolution mechanism holding regular consultation with stakeholders. As of today NHIDCL is handling 74 projects at an estimated cost of Rs. 35,000 crores in the seven North Eastern States, Sikkim, J&K, Uttrakhand, West Bengal and Andaman & Nicobar Islands. NHIDCL’s endeavour remains to deliver world class infrastructure which can catalyse India’s growth and enhance its competitiveness, in a rapidly growing world economy.

      I wish NHIDCL all success.

      JAI HIND