12 April 2015
Category: Press
12 April 2015,

India today has the second largest road network in the world but in order to develop one of the most efficient, environment friendly and safe Highway network it needs to adopt new and appropriate technologies in construction of roads, bridges and tunnelling. The infrastructure world has been changing fast and it is a must that we keep a pace with it for reducing the time of construction, minimising the cost, improving the quality and durability of such infrastructure.

NHIDCL in order to create infrastructure of highest standards would endeavour to adopt not the latest but the most appropriate technologies and innovations considering conditions in various regions of India. This exercise would include examination and adoption of various technologies and innovations in the fields of materials, designs (both for aesthetics and safety), construction, maintenance and operation of highways, bridges and tunnels keeping in view guidelines of the Ministry of Road Transport & Highways, Government of India.

The discussion on this blog will help NHIDCL identify appropriate technologies and innovations for creating and maintaining high standard and durable Highway infrastructure like roads, bridges, tunnels (both on land and immersed) in most cost effective, efficient and desirable (considering environment and safety issues ) manner. The company urges all stakeholders to contribute to this blog by sending an email to address : info@nhidcl.com